Packing list

High Mountain Summer Pack List

The essentials to bring on a mountain trip.

How to use this lists

”What to wear” is what you at minimum should wear in the mountains when hiking.
If you are hiking a short trip 1 – 2 hours, then “What to wear” list is sufficient for these hikes.
If you are hiking longer, 2+ hours, it is recommended to bring a ”Daytrip pack” with the essentials listed here.
If you are hiking further and planning to tent, all these four lists combined;
”What to wear”, ”Daytrip pack”, “Multiday (Cabin)” and ”Multiday (Tenting),
is the recommended setup for your hike.

Multiday comes in two versions; “Cabin to cabin” and Tenting.
Cabin to Cabin, you need less stuff as the food (depending on the cabin) ,
shelter and a nice bed is waiting at the cabin.
A “Cabin to cabin” backpack is usually between 7 – 12 kg of essential gear.
A “Tenting backpack” in normally between 12 – 20 kg of essential gear.

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