Rescue operations in Norway has increased in the past years,
due to people being unprepared at popular destinations like Trolltunga.

Norwegians and tourists alike, are being rescued down from the mountains.
In most cases people have lost the trail, are cold and have trouble getting back home from an adventure that was bigger than they expected.

My goal as an experienced hiker, is too enlighten you to take the precautions needed to visit our spectacular nature and return safely.


Staying Safe

Norwegians are said to be born with “skis on their feet”, and exposed to the Norwegian nature from a young age.
Most Norwegians have a healthy respect for the nature and its ability to rapidly change; but even Norwegians get in trouble and need help.

That is why we have an amazing free public rescue service that supports us  24/7.
They encourage us to call them in any event on an accident, big or small.

Even if you manage to get down yourself, they might meet you at the bottom to assist you further.

Emergency Number: 112

The following guidelines will help you, make the right decisions and complete the hike safely.


Staying warm
Bring food and water
Learn about the hike
Gear to bring

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